Live Online Training On Collaborative Smart Governance

 aris  September 7, 2022  Training & Capacity Building

Saat ini, pendekatan konvensional atau business as usual dalam menangani berbagai permasalahan pembangunan perkotaan dan daerah semakin tidak efektif dan efisien untuk dilaksanakan. Strategi yang berbeda, terlebih yang mampu beradaptasi dengan perkembangan teknologi digital, sangat dibutuhkan untuk mengatasi kompleksitas permasalahan pembangunan sesuai dengan karateristik wilayah. Collaborative governance atau kolaborasi pemerintahan merupakan salah satu strategi spesifik …

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Infrastructure Immersion Program

 webmaster  February 25, 2016  Training & Capacity Building

Infrastructure Immersion Program is the third training program that was conducted by URDI in collaboration with AIC (Asia Infrastructure Corporation). The participants of this program came from Hitachi Group, Japan, with various education and professional background. Basically, the program aims to make Japanese companies able to serve well the infrastructure development needs in Asian countries …

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Connective Cities Workshop on “Towards Green Cities in Asia: Managing Urban Sprawl”

 webmaster  June 29, 2015  Training & Capacity Building

The event of Connective Cities on “Towards Green Cities in Asia : Managing Urban Sprawl” was held on April 20-23, 2015 by Connective Cities-GIZ and supported by URDI. Surabaya agreed to host this event as part of the Mayor’s innovative effort in developing a green city. There were ten cities participating in this three day …

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MCC Indonesia, Support Services for GP Project Implementation

 webmaster  January 28, 2014  Research & Policy Analysis, Training & Capacity Building

The Green Prosperity (GP) Project was part of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Program which designed to reduce poverty by promoting economic growth. GP Project would provide commercial and grant financing to support private sector investment in renewable energy and sustainable land use practices. The project would also provide technical assistance to support project preparation, improve …

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