Training on Smart Governance and Climate Change

 Jessica  February 23, 2023  Training & Capacity Building

Self-Guided | Online


The Urban and Regional Development Institute presents an online training course co-created with CityNet to promote knowledge development on collaborative and smart governance strategies for climate change issues. The course is designed to increase urban stakeholders’ contextual understanding and long-term capacities involving global smart city issues.

Through lectures, Q&A sessions, quizzes, and discussions, participants will learn from case studies of pilot projects and develop strategic plans utilizing the Actor Relational Approach (ARA) method, as well as obtain the foundational skills needed to build and improve Collaborative and Smart Governance Networks.

The course is designed as self-guided online, so the participants can start to join the course at any time and free to adjust their own schedule.

The online courses are completely FREE for all CityNet members. If you are interested in the training you could join and click the link below:

Komplek Perkantoran Royal Palace Blok C-3
Jl. Prof. Dr. Soepomo,SH Kav.178A, Jakarta Selatan 12870