Kota Untuk Semua: Hunian yang Selaras dengan Sustainable Development Goals dan New Urban Agenda

 Jessica  February 22, 2023  Publication

Urbanisasi merupakan fenomena global yang tidak dapat dihindari. Selain menimbulkan banyak masalah, urbanisasi juga menawarkan solusi. Karena itu, peran kota dalam pembangunan yang berkelanjutan semakin lama semakin besar seiring dengan meningkatnya persentase penduduk perkotaan di dunia. Tak dapat dimungkiri, jika melihat berbagai laporan resmi lembaga-lembaga dunia, peningkatan urbanisasi sangat berkorelasi dengan pertumbuhan penghasilan per kapita …

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Jakarta Metropolitan Area, A Planned Metropolitan Urban Sprawl

 webmaster  October 8, 2019  Publication

Rapid Urbanization in Jakarta Metropolitan Area (JMA) also shaped its spatial landscape. To accommodate this rapid urbanization, Jakarta quickly expanded to provide homes and place of work for the people. In the process, JMA experienced an urban sprawl situation despite many attempts by Indonesian authority to manage its urban development. Attempts by authority to managed …

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Kapasitas Yurisdiksi Sub-Nasional dalam Kontekstualisasi SDGs

 webmaster  August 30, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) bermitra dengan Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDI) melaksanakan kajian terkait implementasi kapasitas yurisdiksi pemerintah sub-nasional dalam upaya pencapaian Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs) di daerah. Kapasitas yurisdiksi sub-nasional adalah struktur dan fungsi inheren dari administrasi sub-nasional untuk memberikan layanan publik dan pembangunan ekonomi yang layak dalam wilayah administrasi …

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Exploring Historical and Projection of Drought Periods in Cirebon Regency, Indonesia

 webmaster  July 2, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Climate hazards that affect drought could have an impact on agricultural production. Cirebon Regency as one of West Java’s food supply area has experienced hydro-logical drought because of climate variability. Hence, there were many rice fields which lack of water sources for irrigation and resulted in crop failure. Accordingly, this study aims to explore the …

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Assessment and Scoping of Extractive Industries and Infrastructure in Relation to Deforestation: Indonesia

 webmaster  January 11, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

This report is part of a larger study commissioned by the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) to explore the impacts of extractive industries and infrastructure (EII) on forest loss and degradation and community rights in the Amazon, Mexico and Central America, and Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago hosts much of the globe’s remaining humid tropical …

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Self-Organization and Crop Insurance to Enhance Livelihood Resilience: A Case of Rice Farmers in Cirebon Regency, Indonesia

 webmaster  January 10, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Climate variability and change that affect extreme weather events has resulted long dry season and drought in Indonesia. Farmers become a vulnerable group since drought has damaged rice fields and as consequence losing their income. Therefore, rice farmers’ livelihood resilience needs to be enhanced in order to cope with those impacts. Crop insurance as financial …

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Challenges on Java’s small city spatial planning

 webmaster  January 8, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Most Indonesians nowadays live in the urban area, due to urbanization. 60 percent of the inhabitants of Java, the most populous island in Indonesia, will live in the urban area that reach around eighty-five percent by 2035, a figure that is higher than the national average of 55 percent. Urbanization has brought a large influx …

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Gender Equality in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case of Cirebon, Indonesia

 webmaster  January 7, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Climate change will greatly affect many aspects of Indonesia’s economy, society, and environment. The vulnerability of individuals to climate change will depend on their adaptive capacity and manifestations of gender inequality can affect this capacity. It is generally acknowledged that women may be more vulnerable to climate change impact than men. Therefore, gender inequality becomes …

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A Framework for the Analysis of Urban Sustainability

 webmaster  September 9, 2017  Publication

The URDI Paper Series on “A Framework for the Analysis of Urban Sustainability” was written by Wicaksono Sarosa. It is basically an attempt to provide one possible framework in evaluating the environmental sustainability – or provide one possible framework for such an analysis. The result of this analysis can then be used as considerations in …

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Mainstreaming Gender in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study from Cirebon, Indonesia

 webmaster  November 4, 2016  Publication

Climate change is not only affecting geophysical systems through events such as floods, droughts, and sea level rise, but also human systems, including livelihoods, health, economies, and cultures. In Indonesia, climate change greatly affects many aspects of the economy, society, and environment.

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