Pojok Iklim Carbon Sequestration: Oleh-oleh Katowice

 webmaster  January 11, 2019  Events, Research & Policy Analysis

Sekretariat Dewan Pertimbangan Pengendalian Perubahan Iklim (DPPPI), Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK) bekerjasama dengan URDI kembali mengadakan serial diskusi Pojok Iklim bertema Carbon Sequestration dengan topik “Oleh-oleh Katowice” yang diselenggarakan pada Kamis, 10 Januari 2019. Pembicara pada topik ini adalah Bapak Joko Prihatno (Ditjen PPI, KLHK) dan Dicky Edwin Hindarto (Penggiat Perubahan Iklim). Tujuan …

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Assessment and Scoping of Extractive Industries and Infrastructure in Relation to Deforestation: Indonesia

 webmaster    Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

This report is part of a larger study commissioned by the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) to explore the impacts of extractive industries and infrastructure (EII) on forest loss and degradation and community rights in the Amazon, Mexico and Central America, and Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago hosts much of the globe’s remaining humid tropical …

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Self-Organization and Crop Insurance to Enhance Livelihood Resilience: A Case of Rice Farmers in Cirebon Regency, Indonesia

 webmaster  January 10, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Climate variability and change that affect extreme weather events has resulted long dry season and drought in Indonesia. Farmers become a vulnerable group since drought has damaged rice fields and as consequence losing their income. Therefore, rice farmers’ livelihood resilience needs to be enhanced in order to cope with those impacts. Crop insurance as financial …

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Analisis Dinamika Kebijakan untuk Mewujudkan Ketangguhan Iklim

 webmaster  January 9, 2019  Research & Policy Analysis

Perubahan iklim yang terjadi karena tingginya emisi gas rumah kaca sebagai akibat dari industrialisasi telah menjadi isu global dan perlu ditangani oleh seluruh negara. Melalui Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) yang telah disampaikan kepada UNFCCC September 2015, Pemerintah Indonesia berkomitmen untuk mengendalikan perubahan iklim dengan menetapkan visi mewujudkan ketangguhan iklim negara kepulauan dan berkontribusi untuk …

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Challenges on Java’s small city spatial planning

 webmaster  January 8, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Most Indonesians nowadays live in the urban area, due to urbanization. 60 percent of the inhabitants of Java, the most populous island in Indonesia, will live in the urban area that reach around eighty-five percent by 2035, a figure that is higher than the national average of 55 percent. Urbanization has brought a large influx …

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Gender Equality in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case of Cirebon, Indonesia

 webmaster  January 7, 2019  Publication, Research & Policy Analysis

Climate change will greatly affect many aspects of Indonesia’s economy, society, and environment. The vulnerability of individuals to climate change will depend on their adaptive capacity and manifestations of gender inequality can affect this capacity. It is generally acknowledged that women may be more vulnerable to climate change impact than men. Therefore, gender inequality becomes …

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Cooperation amongst GGGI, the Government of Indonesia and URDI in Green Growth Program

 webmaster  November 12, 2015  Research & Policy Analysis

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is working with the Government of Indonesia  and URDI to address the challenge of the rapid economic growth and greater future socio-economic potential in order to achieve green growth simultaneously such as poverty reduction, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. The high-level green growth roadmap developed in collaboration …

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MCC Indonesia, Support Services for GP Project Implementation

 webmaster  January 28, 2014  Research & Policy Analysis, Training & Capacity Building

The Green Prosperity (GP) Project was part of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Program which designed to reduce poverty by promoting economic growth. GP Project would provide commercial and grant financing to support private sector investment in renewable energy and sustainable land use practices. The project would also provide technical assistance to support project preparation, improve …

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Study and Advocacy on Draft of Law 32/2004 Revision

 webmaster    Research & Policy Analysis

Process of Law 32/2004 revision had been conducted for 5 years. Some institutions and civil society organizations focused on decentralization, local autonomy, local governments and local financial had joined Regional Autonomy Working Group (Kelompok Kerja Otonomi Daerah/ Pokja Otda) to assist and keep watching Law 32/2004 revision. Pokja Otda members are Komite Pemantau Pelaksanaan Otonomi …

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