Announcement of Restructurization of URDI Executive Boards

 webmaster  October 6, 2018  Events, Researcher Notes

The Executive Boards of Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDI) is pleased to announce that Mr. Wahyu Mulyana has transitioned out of the Executive Director role in August 2018. We are deeply grateful for his 23 years of service at URDI during which time he has helped the organization immensely holding such roles as Networking Director and Managing Director before coming on as Executive Director in 2015. His impact at URDI has been invaluable.

In September 2018, we have welcomed our next Executive Director, Ivo Setiono. He spent four years as Program Director of URDI. He has been working in the field of public policy more than 15 years and became URDI Associates. We have also welcomed Bayu Wirawan as Deputy Director of Program and Nila Ardhyarini H. Pratiwi as Deputy Director of Networking and Public Outreach. They previously served as senior researchers at URDI.

Thank you for your support throughout this important transition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us.


The Executive Boards of URDI

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