URDI’S 20th Anniversary and The Launching of Bunga Rampai (4th Book)

 webmaster  November 24, 2015  Publication

URDI (Urban and Regional Development Institute) celebrated its 20th anniversary and launched the fourth book of Bunga Rampai titled “Pembangunan Kota Indonesia : Dari Perencanaan ke Pelaksanaan Pembangunan Perkotaan di Indonesia” (Indonesian City Development: From Planning to the Implementation of Urban Development in Indonesia) on 17th November 2015. The event was held in D Tree-Hilton Hotel and attended by the founders, Advisory Board, Supervisors, Management, associates, some writers participated in Bunga Rampai (book 4th) and all institutions who had been cooperated with URDI such as UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund), CLUA (Climate Land Use Alliance), and so on.

The event was opened by the speech of Mr. Wahyu Mulyana as Executive Director and continued by the speech of Mrs. Budhy Tjahjati S. Soegijoko as the Chair of URDI’s Foundation. It then follows with the video graphic telling about 20 years of URDI’s contribution to promote sustainable urban development. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q8_mvHVyK0&spfreload=10). The peak of the event was the discussion of the book by Mr. Iwan Kustiwan from ITB (Institute of Bandung Technology) and Mr. Arief Wicaksono which was moderated by Mr. Wicaksono Sarosa.

After 20 years, URDI is expected to become an institution who continually promotes sustainable urban development.

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