Announcement of Restructurization of URDI Executive Boards

 Aris Choirul Anwar  October 6, 2018  Feature, Features

The Executive Boards of Urban and Regional Development Institute (URDI) is pleased to announce that Mr. Wahyu Mulyana has transitioned out of the Executive Director role in August 2018. We are deeply grateful for his 23 years of service at URDI during which time he has helped the organization immensely holding such roles as Networking …

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Jabodetabek Satu Kawasan Metropolitan

 Sylvie Tanaga  February 22, 2018  Feature, Features

Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, dan Bekasi tidak bisa lagi dipisahkan. Kawasan ini sudah menjadi area metropolitan dengan masalah dan tantangan yang sama. Pendekatan pengelolaan kolaborasi didorong diwujudkan. JAKARTA, KOMPAS – Kawasan yang berbatasan langsung dengan Jakarta kini telah berkembang menjadi kota-kota tersendiri dengan segala kerumitan dan masalah yang sama gentingnya dengan yang dihadapi Ibu Kota. …

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Infrastructure Immersion Program

 webmaster  February 25, 2016  Feature

Infrastructure Immersion Program is the third training program that was conducted by URDI in collaboration with AIC (Asia Infrastructure Corporation). The participants of this program came from Hitachi Group, Japan, with various education and professional background. Basically, the program aims to make Japanese companies able to serve well the infrastructure development needs in Asian countries …

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URDI’S 20th Anniversary and The Launching of Bunga Rampai (4th Book)

 webmaster  November 24, 2015  Feature

URDI (Urban and Regional Development Institute) celebrated its 20th anniversary and launched the fourth book of Bunga Rampai titled “Pembangunan Kota Indonesia : Dari Perencanaan ke Pelaksanaan Pembangunan Perkotaan di Indonesia” (Indonesian City Development: From Planning to the Implementation of Urban Development in Indonesia) on 17th November 2015. The event was held in D Tree-Hilton …

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Cooperation amongst GGGI, the Government of Indonesia and URDI in Green Growth Program

 webmaster  November 12, 2015  Feature

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is working with the Government of Indonesia  and URDI to address the challenge of the rapid economic growth and greater future socio-economic potential in order to achieve green growth simultaneously such as poverty reduction, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. The high-level green growth roadmap developed in collaboration …

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Connective Cities Workshop on “Towards Green Cities in Asia: Managing Urban Sprawl”

 webmaster  June 29, 2015  Feature

The event of Connective Cities on “Towards Green Cities in Asia : Managing Urban Sprawl” was held on April 20-23, 2015 by Connective Cities-GIZ and supported by URDI. Surabaya agreed to host this event as part of the Mayor’s innovative effort in developing a green city. There were ten cities participating in this three day …

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MCC Indonesia, Support Services for GP Project Implementation

 webmaster  January 28, 2014  Feature

The Green Prosperity (GP) Project was part of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Program which designed to reduce poverty by promoting economic growth. GP Project would provide commercial and grant financing to support private sector investment in renewable energy and sustainable land use practices. The project would also provide technical assistance to support project preparation, improve …

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Study and Advocacy on Draft of Law 32/2004 Revision

 webmaster    Feature

Process of Law 32/2004 revision had been conducted for 5 years. Some institutions and civil society organizations focused on decentralization, local autonomy, local governments and local financial had joined Regional Autonomy Working Group (Kelompok Kerja Otonomi Daerah/ Pokja Otda) to assist and keep watching Law 32/2004 revision. Pokja Otda members are Komite Pemantau Pelaksanaan Otonomi …

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