Cooperation amongst GGGI, the Government of Indonesia and URDI in Green Growth Program

 webmaster  November 12, 2015  Feature

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is working with the Government of Indonesia  and URDI to address the challenge of the rapid economic growth and greater future socio-economic potential in order to achieve green growth simultaneously such as poverty reduction, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

The high-level green growth roadmap developed in collaboration with the Ministry of National Development Plannning (BAPPENAS) is evidence-based guide to planning and implementing green growth in Indonesia. The roadmap highlights that green growth is concerned not only with the rate of economic growth but also with its quality, i.e. the ability of growth to deliver multiple economic, social, and environmental benefits that improve the quality of people’s lives across all segments of society. This project is committed to people-oriented development with a focus on ensuring that energy, food and job security targets are met and that infrastructure is developed to support expected economic growth rates. In support of this aim,

URDI as a team of experts prepares policy briefs encompassing four focus sectors (energy, forestry & land use, infrastructure, cross-cutting policies & planning). The purpose of the briefs is to show how green growth approached and solutions can help achieve the Indonesian government’s current priorities in the next five years. In collaboration with GGGI, URDI identifies and assess the goals, priorities and targets of the current government of Indonesia and highlight the entry points of green growth interventions and policy change across sectors which can help drive investment flow to green projects to deliver tangible and concrete investment and implementation in support of the identified priorities. URDI will produce four technical briefs explaining how green growth generally and the Government of Indonesia-GGGI Green Growth Program (GGP) in particular can contribute to achieving the priority outcomes over the next five years. The period of the project is from August 2015 to November 2015.

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